AGARWALS in the series of Anthropological Survey of India.

Anthropological Survey of India published a series ‘People of India’. The Agarwals are the only community to feature in the volume on atleast five states showing how widespread their presence is.
The work on Uttar Pradesh (Volume 42, Part 1) says the Agarwals are “the highest and most important sub-division of Banias”. One branch of the community migrated to Rajasthan and are known as Marwaris. The other moved east and spread to Uttar Pradesh , Bihar and elsewhere.
The Anthropological Survey of India’s Volume 16, Part 1 (on Bihar) says the Agarwals “are placed lower than the Brahmans, the Kayasths and the Vaishyas”. It ends with the line that the Agarwals are “one of the most respectable and enterprising mercantile communities of the country”.
The Rajasthan volume (Volume 38, Part 1) says the Jain Agarwals were converted under a man named Lohacharya and that Agarwals “use Devnagari script for writing”.
Volume 23, which is on Haryana, conflates the Bania caste and the Agarwal community, claiming that “Banias are also called Agarwals and Gupta”. It spells the king’s name as Ugar Sain and says he had 17 sons. This volume says that a few Agarwals also follow Sikhism.

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