Appointment Of Correspondents

‘Agarwal Today’ plans to appoint area wise correspondents in all cities of India.
Get name, fame and money besides getting the satisfaction of social service in your city.
Those interested may send their bio data and photo.

Arvind Kejriwal says I am Bania

Arvind Kejriwal in a pre election meeting at Delhi told people that he is a Bania and he knows the intricacies of business. If by spending Rs.250 crores we could earn Rs.1000 crore what is the harm. He was referring to some scheme launched during his regime as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Poverty has long term effect on emotions

Poverty imposes a massive cognitive load on the poor, the equivalent of losing 13 IQ points or losing one full night’s sleep. These people have little bandwidth left to carry out tasks that would help them out of poverty.  For example thinking  of going to night school, searching for a new job, or remembering to pay bills on time. The effects can be felt long after they emerged from the financial crisis though.
We love helping people overcome poverty. Agarwals are not exceptions insofar as poverty is concerned. Removing poverty may also bring down domestic violence. This also highlights the need to reduce the shocking child poverty figures in India before they enter a vicious circle.
How to end the poverty of Agarwals is the question.

ArcelorMittal in £2.2bn deal to reduce debts

ARCELORMITTAL, Lakshmi Mittal’s heavily-indebted steel group, yesterday unveiled a £2.2bn offer of shares and mandatorily convertible loan notes in the first major equity capital markets deal of the year.
The deal, which was arranged by Goldman Sachs, BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Agricole and Deutsche Bank, will enable the steel giant to reduce its net debt from around $22bn (£13.7bn) as of the year end to $17bn by the end of June. Continue reading “ArcelorMittal in £2.2bn deal to reduce debts”